Ryūki never thought he’d be a game show host. He always knew his mission in life, to serve an honorable master. This meant that he couldn’t argue with Grigsby about making him the host of a silly game show.

“I’ll do it.” Ryūki said, “When do we start?”
“Whoa pump the breaks, we have to get things finalized and contracted up first,” Ira said.
Grigsby agreed.

Ryūki considered this and poured himself another cup of coffee. Ira looked at Grigsby and asked him what the show is going to be about.

“If we blended Fear Factor and The Price Is Right we’d have our show. There will be intense physical challenges, knowledge tests, and constant danger.” Grigsby said. “Oh and animals.”

Ryūki and Ira only stared.

“We won’t need a studio either,” Grigsby said. “It’s going to be on a ship, well actually a ferry. That’s where the audience will be.”

“Jesus Grigs, the insurance alone will bankrupt us regardless of the business model we structure behind this.” Ira lamented.

Grigsby took a sip of Ira’s coffee, “Wrong. This will be live streamed with payment upgrades that affect the contestants. Viewers from around the world will be able to truly interact with these people.”

“What do you mean interact?” Ryūki asked.
“Well, if you think a contestant is a snooze-fest, you can pay $50 to see them covered in molasses. Pay $5,000 we can to have them dropped into a box of otters. The possibilities are endless.” Grigsby said.

Ira laughed, “You got a point, people are sick.”
“So you’re on board?” Grigsby asked.
Ira nodded.
“Terrific, let’s pack and get started.”

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