Joji’s cigarette boat slowed and approached the ferry. He dressed like a tasteless interior designer from Boca. His wide lapel suit matched the color of his ship’s hull, a terrible burnt orange. Joji’s sweat made his spray tan glisten in the sun. He climbed aboard and headed to the bridge to meet Grigsby.

Ira nudged Grigsby when he saw their new hype-man approach. Joji held out his arms like a welcoming drug kingpin.

“Grigsby my dear!” He sang out, “Haven’t seen you since that karaoke duet in Tokyo.”

“Joji, glad you’re here but listen, I have to,” Grigsby paused, “Manage expectations. You cannot be a lunatic, this isn’t your show it’s my show. You’re here to hype up Very Ferry, not Joji.”

Joji tried hiding his displeasure with a faint smile, “Of course Grigsby, I wouldn’t dream of it, let’s get started where’s hair and makeup.”

“Pump the breaks fella, anymore foundation you’d look like one of those clowns. Review this,” Grigsby tossed him a booklet, “It’s the list of obstacles and dangers that may happen.”

Joji looked down below and noticed a team scrapping the charred remains of a mechanical bull and a clown wig into the water. He swallowed his fear and complied with the Connecticut billionaire. Joji asked about the fire but Grigsby only shrugged.

“Get ready Joji, we’re filming in an hour, I need you to give it all you got. The contestants are a little shaken after the mishap with the kerosene and that fucking clown. Anyway, the next obstacle will be fun. It’s going to involve a couple of nine irons and that beehive.” Grigsby pointed at a massive gray hornet’s nest hanging off of a crane from the ferry.

“What’s the plot of the show?” Joji asked.

Grigsby pretended not to hear the hype-man. He found that the less sense the game show makes and the more danger there is, the higher the ratings can be. “If people will watch the Kardashians tweeze their eyebrows and eat Pringles for hours then this show will be a hit. Your only concern should be hyping this up. Go!”

Joji compiled and prepared for the first filming of the game show. He had no idea what terror waited for him.

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