Filming began at 3 pm and the contestants walked onto the stage holding golf clubs. Grigsby and Ira watched from above inside the bridge of the ship. The theme song began to play, it consisted of 80s digital synthesizer music mixed with explosions and fog horns. Joji ran onto the stage that was adorned with Japanese writings and energy drink sponsors. He cartwheeled toward the microphone and began his shtick.

“Welcome to Very Ferry, the only game show where the body, mind, and spirit is challenged to its maximum limit. We’re filming from the Hudson River today and our contestants will be faced with a dire challenge.”

Ominous digital synth music lured as Joji lowered his voice, “Today contestants will be golfing at that hornet’s nest. There’s only one beekeeper’s suit and the first person to strike the beehive will be allowed to get it. The rest of the contestants must fend for themselves!”

The cameras zoomed in on the contestants who were taking practice swings. They tried to smile but couldn’t settle their nerves, the hornet’s nest was the size of an obese corgi.

Ira leaned over to Grigsby, “Did we test everyone for bee allergies?”
Grigsby’s eyes widened, “I guess we’ll find out.”

Joji counted down and ran for cover at the start. The contestants began lobbing chip shots at the nest. White golfballs sailed through the air and into the river. The clowns seemed the most nervous. Bees must hate clowns too.

“C’mon, c’mon.” Grigsby muttered biting into his cigar.

One woman hadn’t swung for a full minute, she composed herself and had an elegant swing. The Titleist Pro-V1 arched high and sank right into the nest but didn’t fall out. First there was nothing. Then the sound of a thousand desk fans hummed and a black swarm emerged. The woman screamed and pulled on the beekeeper suit while all the other contestants dropped their clubs and scattered.

No one was safe. The clowns leapt overboard. Grigsby and Ira were holding each other laughing uncontrollably. The bee attack lasted for ten full minutes. Joji cheered them on until the bees either died or flew away.

What everyone failed to notice were the blue police lights coming in their direction.

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