The NYPD boat pulled along side Grigsby’s ferry. They told the crew to stop filming from the PA system upon their approach, some officers had rifles in hand. Grigsby told Ira he wished they were aboard during the Somalian pirate raid a few months ago.

Two officers climbed aboard and pushed away a fledgling production assistant who held a clipboard. The officers looked more like soldiers than the typical pudgy city cop. They were broad shouldered athletes holding rifles. The officers wondered why some people were running around the deck and others laughing hysterical.

“Eh! Settle down you bunch of morons.” The cop called out, “Who’s in charge here?”

Joji came running toward the cops and introduced himself as the lead man. The cops both laughed and asked if his boss was aboard. Disgruntled and embarrassed, Joji lead the policemen to the bridge. The cops opened the door without knocking. Grigsby and Ira were watching reruns of the game show.

“Uh oh,” Grigsby said, “Serpico’s here.”

The statement didn’t start things out on the right foot. Ira cooled the police officers down. “Can we get you something to drink?” Ira asked as he opened up the cooler. “We have…” Ira sifted through the ice and only found the Japanese energy drinks. “Soda from Japan.”

The two officers looked at each other and shrugged, “Sure.” One said. Ira handed them the pink cold cans. Joji thought to warn them but still felt dejected so he stayed silent.

One officer looked at the small English writing, “Very Ferry Mango Merry?”

Grigsby shrugged. After a few sips, the officers spoke to Grigsby and Ira. They said they could no longer film in the vicinity of the City of New York. A production assistant live streamed today’s filming. The police said the fire and bees are too dangerous.

“You’re going to have to go upriver or out into the Long Island Sound.” The taller officer said, still drinking the energy drink. It smelled of steamy gummy bears.

Ira then spotted a metamorphosis happening, the officer’s skin was turning blotchy red and green, like swelling candy apples. The officers didn’t seem to notice. Grigsby saw the reaction too. “Are they umpa lumpas?” Grigsby whispered.

Then the officers collapsed.

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