Grigsby and Ira looked down at the two unconscious NYPD officers. Their skin was hot pink like the Japanese energy drink cans they drank.

“Are they glowing?” Ira asked.
Grigsby nodded and picked up the can to examine it. “Joji, what does all this Japanese writing say?”
Joji squinted at the character and mumbled. “Can cause seizures and sedation.”

Ira looked down at the ferry floor where contestants were looking for their hypeman. He told Joji to get down there and ensure no one comes up to the bridge. Ira paced around the room trying to think about what to do with the police.

“Okay we can wait for them to wake up naturally and then explain what happened, they should—”

“That’ll take all night, we’re running out of time to film. Here’s what you can do.” Grigsby paused and picked up his radio, “Ryūki get to the bridge stat.”

Twenty seconds later the door opened. Ryūki noticed the unconscious police offers and didn’t flinch.

“First, have Joji send all the cameramen and contestants in the ship’s hold below deck.” Grigsby said. Ryūki radioed Joji’s earpiece and told him Grigsby’s orders. It took a few minutes to get everyone below deck.

“We’re clear,” Ira said looking out the windows.

Grigsby smirked, “Good, okay boys, let’s load New York’s finest on stage.”

After some backbreaking work, the three men were able to prop up the police officers into chairs on stage. Grigsby tossed the empty cans at their feet and began opening more energy drinks and dumping the contents into the water. Moments later there were dozens of empty cans surrounding the snoozing officers. They looked like two frat boys during welcome week at Rutgers.

“Ryūki, go into my golf bag and get some smelling salts,” Grigsby said.

“Why do you have those?” Ira asked.

Grigsby looked around, “It helps my golf game and keeps me awake during boring meetings, like at your firm.”

Ryūki returned and handed the smelling salts over. Grigsby fired up the lights to the stage. “It’s showtime!” Grigsby shouted. He walked over to the policemen and began to open the salts. Grigsby didn’t expect what happened next.

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