The two policemen woke up at once. The heavier one reached for his pistol but Grigsby calmed him down. The bright stage lights were blinding them, Grigsby gave the signal to dim them. The Very Ferry theme song faded with the lights. Soon the police saw what lain around them, dozens of pink energy drink cans.

The heavyset one stood up and puffed out his cheeks. Cupping his mouth he ran for the starboard side of the ferry and vomited overboard. Grigsby was happy the man had the decency to do that off of the ferry. The policeman, now pale, lumbered back to his seat. His partner looked at him, then at Grigsby.

“I don’t know what happened but you’re all under arrest.” he said.
“What? You two volunteered to be in the show. It was a chugging contest and you both crushed it.” Grigsby said, acting aloof. The cops looked at each other. Grigsby continued to tell a surprisingly detailed description of the fictitious events. Ryūki came down from the bridge and handed the police a gold trophy which was a unicorn piloting a flaming ferry. Ryūki pretended not to know English and disappeared.

“You’re both winners!” Grigsby declared. Confetti flared in the air and bikini clad models in sailor hats came running over to them for a fake photo shoot. Grigsby feels models in sailor hats are the anger antidote for men. It seemed to work, soon the police were making poses and high-fiving. Ira came over and showed them back to their police boat and they motored away.

Ira, Grigsby and Ryūki returned to the bridge. Grigsby brushed his hands through his hair and exhaled loudly. “Jesus what a clusterfuck.” His friends nodded. “Let’s get the hell out of here. I’ve charted a course to the Sound. We’ll anchor off of the coast of Fairfield, Connecticut, where medicated housewives and depraved trust fund babies run wild.”

The ferry hauled up its anchors and motored by Lady Liberty. She looked warm in the evening light. A cool breeze swept over the deck and brought hints of trash and fuel scents from Staten Island. Soon they made it out to the Sound with the Gotham skyline shimmering aft in distance. Skyscraper windows were pinpricks like stars across a black sky.

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