Filming went on for six days without a hitch. Their new filming location off the coast of Connecticut offered suitable privacy. The coast guard, however, did stop by after reports of strange goat noises coming from the ship. Ira assured them there are no farm animals aboard. Grigsby felt there was enough sample footage to make the networks happy. His goal is to have the game show on 3 prime time slots.

After a full day of negotiating from the deck of the ferry, every network agreed to air the show. The key selling point is the live capability Grigsby presented. Although, one network asked if there were limits to viewers requests.

“Limits?” Grigsby asked into the speaker phone.
“Well aren’t your contestants fearful of odd or dangerous requests?” the executive answered.
“My contestants are fearless.”
“Fair enough…okay Grigsby, we’ll give you Tuesday nights at 8 pm.”
Grigsby popped champagne with one hand, the cork nearly blinded Ira. “Thanks, Benjamin, looking forward to doing business with you.” Grigsby hung up and poured champagne flutes for Ira and himself.

Hurried footsteps sounded and Grigsby turned to see Ryūki hustling toward him.

“We under attack?” Grigsby chuckled.
“No,” Ryūki said trying to catch his breath, “We got a problem,” Ryūki sipped more air into his lungs, “It’s Joji. It’s serious.”

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