Ryūki agreed to keep tabs on Joji but insisted that the show must go on. So it did. The following week was the premiere night. The networks greenlit the show and Grigsby was getting everything prepared for the U.S. debut of the Very Ferry Game Show. Joji had spent several hours trying on new neon colored suits. Grigsby watched him from the bridge while smoking a cigar.

“How can a swashbuckling wimp like Joji be a gangster?” Grigsby asked Ira. He was reviewing insurance estimates for covering the show’s dangerous obstacles. “Ira?”

“What? Grigs, I don’t know, don’t piss him off tonight. He cannot know that we’re on to him.”

Grigsby pouted and ate some chocolate cake that Bunny made his team. The double fudge layers made him smile. It was no Baked Alaska, his favorite, but it still tasted glorious.

“How the insurance looking? We covered?” Grigsby asked.
“Almost…I think, I think we’re going to be okay. If someone dies were screwed. But maimed or burned, we’re covered.”
“Good. You, sir, get a nice piece of cake!” Grigsby slid a plate across the table which knocked all the papers down.
“Dammit Grigsby!”
“Sorry. I got excited. Forget that stuff, we’ll deal with it later. Take your cake and come with me. We need to get ready for the premiere.”

Grigsby didn’t know what hell waited for him tonight.

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