The night was moonless during the second filming of Very Ferry. This made the precipitous tower gone on forever in the yellow and pink spotlights. Two contestants had panic attacks upon seeing the obstacle. The Bobcat Sandbox became a trending topic amongst the fans who were tuning in for the pre-show. It was a 15-foot deep sand pit with sheer walls and 25 bobcats lingered about. Grigsby hadn’t fed them in days to make them more agitated.

“No, no they’re just like big house cats, no need to worry,” Ira said into the phone, he was on the phone with their insurance company who was watching the pre-show from their offices. “Light scratches are the most they can do.” Ira looked at Grigsby for approval, but he was busy shining a laser pointer into the pit and laughing.

Ira was able to get the insurance lady off the phone feeling content but not happy. He prayed that the people in chat room were feeling less bloodthirsty but knew it was a hollow hope. Ira watched the contestants warming up, some were doing pushups, others playing trivial pursuit, another trying to learn Swahili. Preparing for Very Ferry is the equivalent of training for space shuttle launch while taking the MCATs.

The Filipino Men’s Gymnastics team were on the far side of the ferry alone. Grigsby watched them from one of the TV screens. Despite being on the windward side and getting sprayed by seawater, they were meditating. Grigsby watched them for a long time and gasped when he realized what was happening. The outside temperature was around 55°F, with heavy gusts. The gymnast should be freezing as they sat there stoically soaking wet. Instead, steam lifted from their bodies. Grigsby knew what this was.

Decades ago, Grigsby took a gap year between boarding school and university. He went on a vision quest starting in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and bringing him through Kathmandu, Nepal. Here he met a dying Buddhist. Grigsby spent weeks in the Buddhist’s cabin in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was here he learned how to reach a heightened state through deep meditation. He learned how to direct energy throughout his body. Grigsby uses it today to offset hangovers or feelings of dismay after heavily feeding on pork shoulder.

The gymnasts were doing this to attain ultimate strength. Grigsby called his bookie who lives full-time in a bowling alley outside Riverdale. Grigsby spoke to him about a large bet he’d like to place.

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