The show started and all of the contestants breezed through Ira’s cerebral obstacle, it was a step above bar trivia, he felt dejected. Grigsby watched as they moved toward the physical obstacles. Joji riled up the audience and encourage the people in the live chat rooms to demand more from them. Grigsby and Ira looked at each other.

“What’s Joji doing? We didn’t tell him to say that.” Ira asked.
Grigsby stayed silent and watched the screen. Strange demands came flooding in with high payments attached.
“$10,000 for pushing other contestants into the pit? I don’t know Grigs,”
“Deny that request, it’s too early,” Grigsby ordered.

The team of gymnasts lined up to the Bobcat Sandbox obstacle. A series of checkered floor tiles lay above the sandpit. Some of them were on hinges and would plunge a person into the pit containing fierce bobcats. One gymnast tested the first tile by hanging onto his teammates in a human chain. He leaned his weight against the tile and watched it collapse, they held on to him. The crowd cheered, thirsty for carnage. The team huddled and devised a plan.

Joji came over and yelled at them in Japanese, he didn’t like any planning from the contestants. “You go! You go now!”

The team of nervous gymnast recreated the human chain and began hopping from tile to tile. As some collapsed the others yanked the falling men skyward. It was as if the members of Cirque du Soleil were playing a dire game of the floor is lava.

Grigsby marveled at the ballet of the team. He muttered something about chaotic beauty but gasped when he saw half of the team fall on separate tiles at once. The human chain broke. Screams cried from below along with the roar of cats. The ones above ground remained alone on their tiles. Joji yelled at them to move and ordered the audience to throw pastries at them as encouragement.

“Grigs that wasn’t a request from the chat room, Joji has gone rogue,” Ira warned.

Moments later another gymnast fell through a trapped door tile into the pit, the remain two ran for the end of the obstacle and both perished.

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