Cries and feline wails bellowed from the sandpit. The entire gymnastics team was doing their best to fight off the Bobcats. The cameras inside the pit captured the carnage in low light. Ira and Grigsby watched nervously from the TV monitors.

“We should send in the safety teams,” Ira advised.
“No, let’s see what the chat rooms say,” Grigsby leaned over the production assistant, “Sitrep.”
The production assistant spoke low, shocked by the requests he was seeing, Grigsby nudged him urging him to speak up. “Sir, they’re saying we should leave them in the pit. We’re almost at $100,000 in payments too.”
“Incredible.” Grigsby said. “And I saw the demographics earlier today. Most of the viewers are middle aged housewives. Who knew they held such a vicious bloodlust?”
“Grigs, we can’t leave them. We—” Ira couldn’t tell what he was seeing on screen.

The gymnasts were throwing the cats off of their brethren. Then they began to pile on each other against the sandpit walls. Soon four men stood on each other’s shoulders, the other teammates climbed up the human ladder. Soon they reached the lip of the sandpit. The crowd screamed a collective “ahhh!” as they saw the last man climb up the ladder and out of the pit.

The man who made it out, lay on his stomach and clasped onto the forearms of the top of the human ladder. He shouted something in Filipino and the bottom man on the ladder began to climb up his men. Soon he made it out of the pit and held onto the ankles of the topside man. The process repeated itself. Bobcats jumped onto the men as they made their escape. Two bobcats climbed all the way out and fled into the audience.

Moments later the entire team of gymnasts stood on the other side of the obstacle, covered in bloody scratch marks and deep lacerations. But they were victorious and the crowd went wild. Grigsby’s bookie texted him a series of cash emojis. It was the wildest spectacle in game show history.

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