The aftermath was wild. The Filipino gymnastics team became an overnight sensation. The next day they were interviewed on every morning talk show. Grigsby was by their side translating and spreading the word of his new game show. Technically, Ryūki was translating to Grigsby’s earpiece but no one noticed.

After the morning show circuit, Grigsby returned to the Pemberton Investments offices in the Chrysler Building. He loved the silver art deco tower but hated its location.

“Midtown, especially Lexington Avenue is a gutter of filth surrounded by dry cleaners and shit delis, there’s no charm,” Grigsby explained to the gymnasts in the limo. They nodded politely.

Back in the office, Grigsby led the team to a separate conference room where they met with Becky Pemberton, Grigsby’s daughter. She started a new yoga company and wanted to sponsor them. Grigsby felt confident in his daughter and let her take the reigns. Grigsby headed for his office.

Caitlyn, Grigsby’s secretary, was walking briskly on her treadmill desk outside his double door office. Grigsby didn’t understand fitness, especially fitness at the office. It was too Orwellian for him. It made him feel as if she were a hamster in a pantsuit.

“Any messages from Fox or NBC?” Grigsby asked.
Caitlyn sucked water from a long rubber straw, “Nope.” She said with a smile.
“Ira in there?” Grigsby asked.
Caitlyn nodded.

Grigsby opened the double doors in a clean motion. A monolith of granite and white marble stood against the floor to ceiling windows. It was his grand desk that stretched to the corner of the office. The views looked north toward Central Park and panned to the East River. Grigsby stared at the great red Pepsi Cola Sign on Long Island City and felt thirsty. Ira sat by the Aegean Bordeaux Marble fireplace, the hearth warmed the entire office. Brahms played softly through the intercoms in-wall speakers.

Grigsby smiled, pleased with the upward direction of his new venture. He looked at the brass bar cart, checked his watch and shook his head. He opted for a doughnut from the black and white Sees Candy Cart. Grigsby walked over to Ira and noticed he was asleep with his mouth agape. Grigsby smirked and began tossing chunks of doughnut at his attorney, his mouth being the bullseye.

As he sank one in perfectly Ira stirred awake coughing. “Dammit Grigs!” Grigsby chuckled.

Then the intercom buzzed and interrupted Brahm’s Hungarian Dances with Caitlyn’s voice. “Mr. Pemberton, it’s urgent, something happened to Ryūki.”

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