Grigsby looked at the screens in the control room aboard the ferry. Tonight was the third episode of Very Ferry game show. On the screen was Joji, the hypeman who poisoned Ryūki. Grigsby controlled his anger and reviewed the plan in his mind. Ira wanted to help but Grigsby wouldn’t allow it.

“I must avenge my friend alone,” Grigsby said drinking a chocolate milkshake, he wiped his mouth, “Plus, it’s good for my attorney to be ignorant of such a situation.”

Ira rubbed the back of his neck nervously, “Whatever you say Grigs,” Ira said, “Be careful.”

Grigsby finished his milkshake and watched the opening theme of Very Ferry start. The viewership had tripled since their last show and the chat rooms were at capacity. Joji walked on stage, this time looking like a 1980s weatherman on Telemundo. He waved a manicured hand at the new contestants. There was the “fresh out” crew from Rikers Island, a collection of ex-cons who looked like tattooed heaps of muscle and veins.

The next installment was a lacrosse team from a New Hampshire board school. They wore neon pinnies and backward snapbacks. The title of the episode tonight is “Convicts vs. Lax Bros.” Grigsby knew this was the time to get even with Joji.

The show started with a churro eating contest. A mariachi band swung from harnesses while playing “El Toro Relajo.” Chubby Mexicans in giant sombreros were red-faced as they belted out the classic song. The Convicts were dominating, cinnamon and dough flew through the air as the Lax Bros scarfed down the Mexican treats. The crowds cheered for the lacrosse players, which angered the Convicts. The Mariachi band played amongst the chaos.

The next event was dangerous. Safety officials moved the crowd to another part of the ship and issued goggles and earplugs. The name of the obstacle said it all, “Hot Potato Flash Bang.” A flash bang grenade is used by SWAT teams to incapacitate a room of combatants. It’s non-lethal but the flash and shock of the grenade can bring about unconsciousness. Contestants held goalie sized lacrosse sticks and had to pass a live flash bang grenade to each contestant before tossing it into the water. If they couldn’t do it in time it explodes.

Ira couldn’t bear to watch it, he knew this would be the final straw. All the insurance companies wouldn’t back them after this. Grigsby leaned in closer to the monitor, his eyes fixed on Joji. Now was the time strike.

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