Grigsby watched the contestants pick up the flash-bang grenades and lacrosse sticks. Joji instructed them on what to do. The Lax Bros smirked, knowing this was an easy win. The Convicts nervously looked around asking if these were real grenades. The audience was as silent. It felt more like the final putt on the 18th hole of The Masters than a psychotic Japanese game show.

Joji stepped back and put on his hearing protection and gold sunglasses. He hit a gong to start the challenge. Both teams pulled the pins and began tossing the flash-bang grenades to each member. The Lax Bros did this with ease. But with each pass, the audience gasped as they watched the live grenade sail through the air. The final lacrosse player chucked the grenade overboard, the sea lit up and bubbled. The Convicts were sweating but doing well until one of them dropped the grenade.

“Hit the deck!” Joji screamed.

The shattering boom blinded the Convicts. Everyone held their ears while rolling on the ground. The audience screamed and laughed. The Lax Bros picked themselves up and rubbing their eyes. The Convicts, who were in the center of the blast, remained incapacitated. Joji went to a commercial break and sent in the safety teams.

Grigsby refreshed the chatroom requests and approved a challenge. When the commercial break ended, the production assistant informed Joji of the new request. Joji read it aloud.

“Our latest requests from the chat rooms are asking…” Joji paused, “For me to join the contestants?”

The audience cheered and started chanting, “Joji! Joji! Joji!”

Joji had fear in his eyes but couldn’t dismiss the spotlight. He’s addicted to the fame. He walked over and picked up a lacrosse stick and flash-bang grenade. Joji took off his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves exposing his tattoos of Oni demons, foo dogs, a koi, and a dragon. He pulled a headband from his pocket and wrapped it around his head. Closing his eyes you could see Joji was taking deep breaths. When he opened them, the fear was gone.

Joji nodded at the cameramen to began filming. Joji would be playing with the convicts that were conscious. The convict held the flash-bang grenade and pulled the pin. No one foresaw the terror that came next.

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