The flash-bang grenade sailed through the air toward Joji. The crowd was silent. Grigsby held his breath. Joji’s stare locked onto the airborne ordinance and caught it in the lacrosse stick.

The crowd gasped. Joji smiled and looked at the last convict, a massive man with a black eye. Joji must pass it to him and after that, it can go in the water. Joji leaned back and tossed the grenade toward the battered juggernaut. The grenade sailed by the lacrosse stick and bounced along the deck. Joji’s eyes widened as he saw the grenade bounce down the deck and into one of the engine’s ventilation stacks.

A terrified silence hovered for what felt like ages.

Grigsby looked at the schematic of the ship and realized where it was falling to. He grabbed the PA system mic, “Everyone—” an explosion rattled the ship and the concussion made audience members fall from their seats. Several more explosions sounded and fire and wood splintered from beneath deck. A series of ruptures burst and popped through the ferry. The grenade had fallen into engine system and ignited the gas lines.

Fire roared out of the engine bay as if the gates of hell had been opened. The ferry began to list. Camera equipment and obstacle props slid across the deck and the audience and staff screamed. Grigsby and Ira were in the bridge watching the events below unfold.

“Sonofabitch,” Grigsby said, pulling on a lifejacket. “This is why we can’t have nice things.” He kicked open a box of flare guns and threw them at Ira. “Go to the leeward size and shoot those off, I’ll radio for help.” Grigsby began sending a mayday distress call and reading off the coordinates. The ship listed further to a 55° tilt. Grigsby hit the abandon ship button. The safety crews were inflating orange life rafts.

The Lax Bros panicked and jumped overboard, helping no one. The Convicts stayed and assisted the audience.

The stern of the ferry began to dip into the ink colored surf. Grigsby phoned a nearby yacht club for help, “Bring me my Chris Craft, I’m not going in another damn lifeboat.” he hung up. Ira stood close by and looked at Grigsby.

“Where’s Joji?” Ira asked.
“I thought you had eyes on him?”
“I lost him in the chaos.”

Grigsby and Ira searched the deck as it was splintering apart and couldn’t find their Yakuza hypeman anywhere. He had vanished.

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