The ferry didn’t sink. It submerged to the point where only high structures of the ship peaked above water. Ira kept stressing this point as it will help their case with the insurance companies. The Sound is shallow and the ferry lay in the rocky mud.

Grigsby was the last to leave the ship. It was an elegant sight. A hand-polished mahogany Chris Craft from 1960 pulled alongside the ferry. On the bow, the Pemberton family burgee swayed gallantly like a battle banner. The woman piloting the powerboat was a captain from the nearby Pinemont Yacht Club. Her name was Sofia and she was the most talented sailor on the Long Island Sound.

Sofia piloted the vintage motorboat alongside the listing ferry. She didn’t seem to notice the insanity of the scene before her. The Very Ferry game show music theme was still blaring from a submerged speaker and dolphins were swimming about as they were released from their tanks. Sofia tossed a line along a railing post and steadied the ship. She extended a hand to help Ira aboard, he was holding a briefcase of legal documents. Grigsby gave one last look at the ferry, bit into his cigar, and jumped aboard. “That went as well as Snapchat’s IPO,” he said.

“Welcome aboard Mr. Pemberton,” Sofia said untying from the ferry. “We have champagne and pretzels in the cooler.”

“Thank you, Ira open them both. Daria hand me that search light.” Grigsby said. He asked her to circle the wreckage, they needed to find Joji.

The lifeboats clustered by a nearby buoy as the Coast Guard ships came to their aid.

The Chris Craft circled the wreckage for a half hour and found nothing. The Coast Guard announced that Joji was the only missing person, everyone was okay.

“You think he drowned?” Ira asked.
“Well, since he poisoned Ryūki, I kind of hoped he did. But I wanted him to lose publicly so his employers could see. Shame is worse than death.” Grigsby said, pointing the spotlight about the white spume and dark surf.

The cackling sound of dolphins rang out, Grigsby ignored them. Sofia looked over and saw a sight that she’d remember forever. “Um, Mr. Pemberton, you’re going to want to see this.”

The spotlight lit up the scene. Several dolphins were pushing an orange and gold heap toward the Chris Craft. It was Joji. He turned over and wailed, he was missing an arm.

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