Below is a collection of selected works I wrote during my time at American University’s School of Public Affairs and School for International Service (2010 – 2013). They are organized by subject area.

Policy & Government Affairs

  1. The Megalomaniacal Builder: An analysis into Robert Moses’ power campaign in metropolitan politics and the legacy he left on the New York Tri-State Area \\ Mar. 2013 \\ 2,497 words
  2. The Foundation of Secure Communication: A case study analyzing the American Black Chamber and the legacy Herbert O. Yardley left on the Intelligence Community and the fortification of US security communications \\ Apr. 2012 \\ 4,391 words.
  3. The Tactics of Cyber Freedom Fighters: A comparative analysis into the tactics used by interest groups’ fight for a free internet and the protection of intellectual property \\ Nov. 2012 \\ 3,642 words
  4. Policy, Truth, & The Ticking Bomb: An analytical essay on the apprehensive relationship between intelligence analysis and policymaking \\ Nov. 2012 \\ 1,347 words.
  5. Two Dollars A Share: An essay on the clash of economic ideals surrounding the 2008 financial crisis and a case study on the acquisition of Bear Stearns by J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. \\ Apr. 2013 \\ 1,854 words.
  6. The Hidden Culture of Spies: An assessment of information sharing reform with respect to interagency change \\ Oct. 2012 \\ 1,745 words.
  7. The Financial Rubicon: An analysis into the cybersecurity measurers of mobile banking and what this means for the future of world markets \\ Dec. 2012 \\ 3,997 words.
  8. War, Peace, & Protection: A comparison of U.S. Foreign Policy and George Orwell’s INGSOC Slogan \\ Dec. 2011 \\ 1,999 words.
  9. Western Drawn Borders of The Middle East: An analysis of the perpetual turmoil that has plagued the region for centuries. \\ Apr. 2011 \\ 9,565 words.

History & Literature

  1. The Blueprint of An Empire: An architectural analysis of political symbolism in Nazi Germany \\ Apr. 2012 \\ 4,701 words.
  2. Cicero’s Attempt to Save The Republic: A research paper on Cicero’s Philosophica and the review of Yelena Baraz’s A Written Republic: Cicero’s Philosophical Politics \\ Mar. 2013 \\ 3,598 words.
  3. An Eternal Tale: War & Peace in Early Rome \\ Feb. 2013 \\ 1,427 words.
  4. Poetry in the U.S. & Russia: The Art of Searching For Identity \\ Oct. 2010 \\ 2,342 words.
  5. The Rhetoric of Racism \\ Sept. 2010 \\ 2,508 words.

Psychology / Physiology / Health

  1. The Limits of the Underwater Solider: An analytical essay into the physiological effects experienced by soldiers training the U.S. Army Combat Diver School \\ Apr. 2013 \\ 3,909 words.
  2. Accessible Treatments for Clinical Depression: A research paper on the effects depression has on the body and a qualitative analysis of existing therapies used to aid these symptoms \\ Apr. 2013 \\ 2,389 words. [Co-Authored by Hwanmo Koo]