Publish Date: Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Meet Grigsby, the billionaire lunatic from Connecticut. 

If you combined Hunter S. Thompson, Bruce Wayne, and John Belushi, you’d have Grigsby Ives Pemberton. He’s a force of nature. A wealthy man with idle hands and the appetite of a neurotic child. Grigsby often falls into dangerous and hilarious situations, from commissioning illegal pig races through a Manhattan Penthouse to forcing his competitors into hot air balloons.

In Finding Bunny, the first story of the Grigsby Series, our protagonist is dealing with a variety of business opportunities, all of which are going south. In the midst of it all he finds out Bunny, Grigsby’s wife, has been kidnapped. A man with unlimited resources fights to bring back to the woman he loves while trying to get even. 

Publish Date: Thursday, November 16, 2017

Somalian pirates and a tribe of cannibals are hunting Grigsby.

In Picaroon Coast, the second novella in the Grigsby Series, we find our favorite billionaire circumnavigating the globe aboard his yacht, the Narwhal. As his ship is bearing through the Arabian Sea toward the Gulf of Aden, a group of Somalian pirates attack. A series of events unfold that send Grigsby, Ira, and Ryuki ashore. They’re picked up by a group of bandits who bring them to a horrifying tribal village of headhunters somewhere in the African bush. Now trapped, Grigsby must plan an escape before it’s too late.

Publish Date: Saturday, December 16, 2017

Grigsby is running the world’s most dangerous game show.

In Very Ferry, the third novella in the Grigsby Series, the stakes have never been higher. Grigsby has acquired the rights to launch a Japanese game show in America. Contestants are pushed to their absolute limits, physically and mentally, while aboard a ferry. The audience votes on how treacherous the obstacles are, which leads to chaos.

Grigsby stands to make millions but learns the Yakuza have become involved. It’s days away from the show’s premiere, some of the contestants have jumped off the ferry to escape the audience’s bloodlust. The police are questioning the safety of the show. Grigsby must leverage everything to foil his enemies while pleasing the greedy TV networks. Anything can happen aboard Very Ferry.