We All Need Story

We live in an age of shallow learning and ephemeral content. Listicles, life-hack videos and punchy self-help books claim to hold the answers when really it’s something more simple and enjoyable. It’s in fiction. This is because every work of fiction is, at its core, a story. Humans learn through metaphor. Brené Brown says it best, “Story is data with a soul.”

By returning to great stories our society can change for the better. I believe in sharing and creating positive stories with the goal that it replaces the ephemeral and toxic content we see all over the internet.

For more on this topic, read my free book, Why You Need Fiction: A primer on the importance of storyIt’s a short book you can read during a meal. Claim your copy below.

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What I’m Working On

I keep a running list of the projects I’m making. Today I’m spending time each day to write the following:

  • Grigsby Series – a satirical series about a crazy financier who gets into all sorts of adventures. Think of Grigsby Ives Pemberton as an amalgam of Hunter S. Thompson, John Bulishi, and Bruce Wayne.
  • Tuckernuck Island – (coming soon) this is a grounded-science fiction novel that’s set to debut by 2018.
  • Vanishing Founder (coming soon) a new thriller novel expected to debut in Summer of 2018.