Grigsby is a daily series that I launched on July 4, 2017. Every day I publish a story that’s 2 to 4 minutes long. The stories will are separated into 3 novellas, Finding Bunny (10/10), Picaroon Coast (11/10), and Very Ferry (12/10). It’s satirical fiction and in no way reflects any real people.

Book 1: Finding Bunny 

Meet Grigsby, the billionaire lunatic from Connecticut. 

If you combined Hunter S. Thompson, Bruce Wayne, and John Belushi, you’d have Grigsby Ives Pemberton. He’s a force of nature. A wealthy man with idle hands and the appetite of a neurotic child. Grigsby often falls into dangerous and hilarious situations, from commissioning illegal pig races through a Manhattan Penthouse to forcing his competitors into hot air balloons.

In Finding Bunny, the first story of the Grigsby Series, our protagonist is dealing with a variety of business opportunities, all of which are going south. In the midst of it all he finds out Bunny, Grigsby’s wife, has been kidnapped. A man with unlimited resources fights to bring back to the woman he loves while trying to get even.